Interview Preparation Training (IPT)

Course Description

Today’s job market is tough.  Don’t take the chance of being anything less than the absolute best during your next employment opportunity.

Interview Preparation Training has proven to show immediate results in securing and advancing a professional career and job opportunities.

Course objectives/outcomes

As a result of the satisfactory completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Know the Process

Turn an uncertain situation into an easy and productive experience. By knowing what lies ahead in the candidate selection process, you will be better able to manage the outcome of your efforts.

  • Know Your Competition

With unemployment rates at their current levels, there are numerous applicants for every job posting. You need to recognize that simply by applying for a job, you have entered into direct competition for that position.

  • Know Yourself

One of the most praised components of this interview preparation course is the Diagnostic Section. We provide a custom assessment of your skills and capabilities as they pertain to any job search.

To get the complete details click at this link:

Interview Preparation Training (IPT)

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