International Professional Personality Training IPPT

International Professional Personality Training (IPPT)

Course Details

  • Course Code: IPPT-PSDHUB
  • Location: Online sessions
  • Duration: 12 Sessions (one hour each session)
  • Timing: flexible
  • Exam Included: No
  • Promotional Cost: $399.00  $50  (INR 2750)
  • Qualification: All modern browsers and devices
  • Compatibility: All major devices and browsers
  • Certificate included: Yes
  • Start Date: Start any time
  • Community: Students / Entrepreneurs / Employees / Management / Teachers / Trainers

Key Features

  • Dedicated success coach
  • Goal setting-progress tracking tools
  • Career services
  • Unlimited student support

This Highly Interactive and comprehensive personality training concentrates on specific professional applications in real world. This training is centralized to learn about personal, professional and organizational effectiveness.

Experiential, Activity-Based Training

Advance tools that prove to be more effective in learning process. Games and activities to make sure the learning for long term memory.

Course Objectives

Discover the effective personality that can apply in organizational culture.  The program objectives are to develop professionalism which can meet with real-world organizational environment and to create a complete understanding of brain blueprint which can support you to set yourself in real professional world. Course will cover all advance techniques of professional world including communication, brain blueprint, belief system, effective leadership, organizational culture, professional image and second-minute-hours planning with goals.

Using an effective online style of training, cutting edge methodology and DISC training tools, participants will get real clarity of who they need to become as professional, and the working environment they need to create around them to bring out the best in others and themselves.

What you will learn?

  • Use of professionalism to affect cooperation.
  • Affect the perceptions of others to gain more unity of vision in professional world.
  • Understand how personal action affect professional personality.
  • Learning of improved professional skills that are effective in the professional world.
  • Increase communication and presentation skills.
  • Bring out Leadership qualities in a professional aspect.
  • Create positive change in your professional work by learning about your brain mindset.
  • Effective use of your skills in the professional world.
  • Learning of effective problem-solving.
  • Understanding of mind-body connection
  • How your brain supports you to make intelligent decisions.
  • Knowing your eight figure speaking.
  • Speaking in group- cross communication
  • Professional image and dress-up
  • How to create Second-Minute-hours planner

Course Structure:

Understanding Yourself through DISC (Personality awareness) 

  • Introduction to DISC
  • Tools of personality
  • Foundations of frustration
  • Principles of self-mastery
  • How you are affecting the people you work with
  • How your work creates positive or negative environments
  • Change and its impact on Teams and Departments
  • World of work map – start solving problems now

Your Role as a Leader

  • The psychology of being competent
  • How your decisions can create problems
  • How to identify the root cause of problems you make
  • How your behavior affects people around you
  • Pro-actively identify ways to contribute to objectives

Understanding the Brain Blueprint

  • Why you stay awake – the brains blueprint
  • How you can learn more and apply it in real-world
  • How your brain can support you positively

Understanding your Blueprints and Belief System

  • Cause and effect – your reactions affect your result or outcome
  • Using focus to create a success road map
  • Working with your belief system and professionalism
  • Understanding of your own superiors and expertise
  • World of work map according to your blueprint – tools to solve your problems

Postures: learning of Mind-Body Connection and reaction

  • Understanding of mind body connection
  • Mediation in professional world
  • How to use your past emotions of success for your future
  • Professional body language and postures

Self Mastery with Success Keys

  • Why you need to be correct and confidant
  • How your brain supports you to make intelligent decisions
  • Learning of effective problem solving
  • Finding encoded assumptions that are preventing you from being at your best
  • Understanding your brain blueprint
  • How you are affecting people around you
  • The effects of your positive vibes on Corporate Culture
  • Adaptation of changing corporate culture
  • The responsibility campaign and how it will improve personal professional competence and communication

Effective in working with teams

  • Team dynamics and roles
  • The ice burg opening planning
  • Pyramid of success with team
  • Team project planning and action
  • Motivating yourself positively
  • Motivating others with effective presence

Understand the reality of professional world and global market

  • Assessing your own blueprints
  • Cultivating cross reality blueprints
  • Understanding of Personal reactions in professional world
  • Real-world organizational culture, effectiveness and success
  • Professional culture – how the professionalism can affect saving time, energy and resources by focusing on the goals
  • Leading effectively – redirecting reactive behavior
  • How to control reactions so you can focus on facts/ solutions and being able to understand the nature of problems, goals and policies with Intelligent act and deliver a better outcome

Using the complete eight figure speaking

  • Knowing your eight figure speaking
  • Understanding effective communication
  • Identifying your communication flexibility

Organizational Communication Skill

  • Your communication effects on organization
  • The communication model for better presentation
  • How to avoid mistakes in speaking
  • Organizational Communication tools
  • Leadership Communication
  • Gaps in effective speaking
  • Speaking in group- cross-communication

Professional effective image

  • Professional image and dress-up
  • Professional Color learning
  • Professional make-over

Create effective road map to achieve your goals

  • Future goals setting
  • How to create Second-Minute-hours planner
  • Road Map for your future success

About Coach:

_DSC4461 (2)

Sona Pandey is an International Life Coach, Business Coach and Career Coach. She is passionate to guide business owners, professionals, students and parents. Supporting them to go for elite performance status in real world. Clients see positive results in overcoming anxiety and worry, learn to create success path in their life, nurture them from the inside-out. 

Meet her at About Founder/ CEO

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