The selective Executive International Courses that has the world talking.

Welcome to Join our Leading Global Learning You’ll gain access to PSD-HUB students and alumni network, comprised of industry leaders from over 15 countries and the world’s most influential and impactful organizations. New to the site? Start here Ready to elevate your career Mobile-First CurriculumLearn anytime, anywhere, with our award-winning, interactive curriculum. Then meet liveContinue reading “The selective Executive International Courses that has the world talking.”

Mindset Development

Have you ever wondered why some students shy away from challenges and crumble at the first sign of a struggle? Maybe that student has a history of quitting activities, sports, or school work when he/she didn’t immediately excel. Maybe years of struggle or a few bad experiences have convinced to the student that “I’m justContinue reading “Mindset Development”

Teacher’s Professional Training

In the case of teachers, mostly they are properly trained to deal with the students and classwork on a daily basis. PSD-HUB designed a special professional course for teachers to upgrade themselves with more knowledge of International teaching patterns and effective communication/ presentation skills. The unique thing of this course is that it is completelyContinue reading “Teacher’s Professional Training”

Giving Exam Techniques

Exams are most important process for students, and many students face challenges during their exams. PSD-HUB designed a unique course for students with vast learning of exam preparation and exam giving techniques. This course can help you to get ready for and get through your exams with high grades. It can also support you toContinue reading “Giving Exam Techniques”

Professional Speaking Course (PSC)

It is a perfect speaking course for those who feels comfortable to speak in English. You can cover all basic tools of General English speaking, Public English Speaking, and Professional English Speaking. This Highly Interactive and comprehensive speaking training concentrates on specific practical and implementable applications to addressing and overcoming issues that hinder personal and organizational effectiveness.Continue reading “Professional Speaking Course (PSC)”

Professional Development Program (PDP)

This course is required for future growth and represents yourself in the professional world. PDP is complete learning of networking skills, verbal/written / communication skills, business etiquette and team management.  The goal of this course is to make the student a more marketable and valuable professional in a professional environment. Course objectives/outcomes As a result of satisfactory completion ofContinue reading “Professional Development Program (PDP)”

Interview Preparation Training (IPT)

Course Description Today’s job market is tough.  Don’t take the chance of being anything less than the absolute best during your next employment opportunity. Interview Preparation Training has proven to show immediate results in securing and advancing a professional career and job opportunities. Course objectives/outcomes As a result of the satisfactory completion of this training,Continue reading “Interview Preparation Training (IPT)”

International Professional Personality Training (IPPT)

This Highly Interactive and comprehensive personality training concentrates on specific professional applications in real world. This training is centralized to learn about personal, professional and organizational effectiveness. Experiential, Activity-Based Training Advance tools that prove to be more effective in learning process. Games and activities to make sure the learning for long term memory. Course ObjectivesContinue reading “International Professional Personality Training (IPPT)”