Professional Development Program (PDP)

Professional Development Program (PDP)

Course Details

  • Course Code: PDP-PSDHUB
  • Location: Online sessions
  • Duration: 8 Sessions (One hour for each session)
  • Timing: flexible
  • Exam Included: No
  • Certificate: From PSD-HUB Singapore
  • Promotional Cost: $299.00  $50  (INR 2750)
  • Qualification: All modern browsers and devices
  • Compatibility: All major devices and browsers
  • Start Date: Start any time
  • Community: Students / entrepreneurs / employees / management / teachers / trainers

Key Features

  • Dedicated success coach
  • Goal setting-progress tracking tools
  • Career services
  • Unlimited student support

Course Description

This course is required for future growth and represents yourself in the professional world. PDP is complete learning of networking skills, verbal/written / communication skills, business etiquette and team management.  The goal of this course is to make the student a more marketable and valuable professional in a professional environment.

Course objectives/outcomes

As a result of satisfactory completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic proficiency in written and oral professional communications.
  • Develop a professional attitude.
  • Develop an ability to create a career plan.
  • Demonstrate proper professional dress and behavior.

Course Structure:

Understanding Yourself through personality check exercise 

  • Introduction to DISC personality check exercise
  • Tools of personality
  • Foundations of frustration
  • Principles of self-mastery
  • How you are affecting the people you work with
  • How your work creates positive or negative environments
  • Change and its impact on Teams and Departments
  • World of work map – start solving problems now

Self Mastery with Success Keys

  • Why you need to be correct and confidant
  • How your brain supports you to make intelligent decisions
  • Learning of effective problem solving
  • Finding encoded assumptions that are preventing you from being at your best
  • Understanding your brain blueprint
  • How you are affecting people around you
  • The effects of your positive vibes on Corporate Culture
  • Adaptation of changing corporate culture
  • The responsibility campaign and how it will improve personal professional competence and communication

Effective in working with teams

  • Team dynamics and roles
  • The ice burg opening planning
  • Pyramid of success with team
  • Team project planning and action
  • Motivating yourself positively
  • Motivating others with effective presence

Using the complete eight-figure speaking

  • Knowing your eight figure speaking
  • Understanding effective communication
  • Identifying your communication flexibility

Organizational Communication Skill

  • Your communication effects on organization
  • The communication model for better presentation
  • How to avoid mistakes in speaking
  • Organizational Communication tools
  • Leadership Communication
  • Gaps in effective speaking
  • Speaking in group- cross-communication

Professional effective image

  • Professional image and dress-up
  • Professional Color learning
  • Professional make-over

Create an effective road map to achieve your goals

  • Future goals setting
  • How to create Second-Minute-hours planner
  • Road Map for your future success

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