Business Skill Training


Course Description

Technical skills are important, but comprehensive business skills are truly critical to successful execution of business projects and dealing with clients.

PSD-HUB business skills training courses help you master effective communication, goal setting, critical thinking, problem solving, dealing with clients (National/ International) and ways/links to spread business on International level.

Course objectives/outcomes

Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Performance

Learn how to prepare for executive conversations, including those that are unplanned. Recognize communication techniques that executives commonly use and react to them

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

This course presents a structured approach for tackling problems, opportunities and decisions that will ultimately help you get better results.

Establishing a Business Mind set

This course helps professionals develop and apply holistic solutions to business issues. You will learn to leverage variables related to the business environment, business thinking, business interactions, and business outcomes for project, organizational, personal and professional success.

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