Teacher’s Professional Training

In the case of teachers, mostly they are properly trained to deal with the students and classwork on a daily basis. PSD-HUB designed a special professional course for teachers to upgrade themselves with more knowledge of International teaching patterns and effective communication/ presentation skills. The unique thing of this course is that it is completely new and advance learning for teachers than their regular teaching degree or courses which they have done before. IT can provide support to teachers to deal with their teaching with more effective and easy way.

This course will cover

  • Professional personality training
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Advance presentation tools for learning
  • Advance techniques to deal with teaching
  • Effective daily plan schedule sheet
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Advance learning of teacher’s dress- up
  • Understanding of International study patterns
  • How to deal with students  and parents online effectively
  • How to deal easily with difficult topic in classroom

For complete details about this course click at this link:

For Schools

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