Mindset Development

Have you ever wondered why some students shy away from challenges and crumble at the first sign of a struggle? Maybe that student has a history of quitting activities, sports, or school work when he/she didn’t immediately excel. Maybe years of struggle or a few bad experiences have convinced to the student that “I’m just not good at that.” Learning about fixed and growth mindsets will help to student to change destructive patterns, allowing him to lead a happy and fulfilled life full of lifelong learning and limitless potential.

How will it help to students?

Research has shown that students with a growth mindset do better in school. In a study with middle school students, Dr. Lisa Blackwell found that students with a growth mindset earned higher math grades when compared to students with a fixed mindset. Many studies show that student who have a growth mindset behave differently when confronted with a challenge, and end up learning from their mistakes instead of being paralyzed by them.

Students will learn

  • Create a positive mindset
  • How to control the negative thoughts
  • Brainstorming on different advance topics
  • Understanding about all senses of the body
  • How to develop more presence of mind
  • Leaning the function and activeness of left & right brain
  • Importance of attitude learning for growth
  • Effective communication and presentation skill
  • Personal branding tools for outer and inner body
  • Stress management
  • Learning of easy and effective way to manage your study
  • Effective speaking and writing tools

For complete details about this course and registration, click at this link:

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