International Professional Personality Training (IPPT)

This Highly Interactive and comprehensive personality training concentrates on specific professional applications in real world. This training is centralized to learn about personal, professional and organizational effectiveness.

Experiential, Activity-Based Training

Advance tools that prove to be more effective in learning process. Games and activities to make sure the learning for long term memory.

Course Objectives

Discover the effective personality that can apply in organizational culture.  The program objectives are to develop professionalism which can meet with real-world organizational environment and to create a complete understanding of brain blueprint which can support you to set yourself in real professional world. Course will cover all advance techniques of professional world including communication, brain blueprint, belief system, effective leadership, organizational culture, professional image and second-minute-hours planning with goals.

Using an effective online style of training, cutting edge methodology and DISC training tools, participants will get real clarity of who they need to become as professional, and the working environment they need to create around them to bring out the best in others and themselves.

What you will learn?

  • Use of professionalism to affect cooperation.
  • Affect the perceptions of others to gain more unity of vision in professional world.
  • Understand how personal action affect professional personality.
  • Learning of improved professional skills that are effective in the professional world.
  • Increase communication and presentation skills.
  • Bring out Leadership qualities in a professional aspect.
  • Create positive change in your professional work by learning about your brain mindset.
  • Effective use of your skills in the professional world.
  • Learning of effective problem-solving.
  • Understanding of mind-body connection
  • How your brain supports you to make intelligent decisions.
  • Knowing your eight figure speaking.
  • Speaking in group- cross communication
  • Professional image and dress-up
  • How to create Second-Minute-hours planner

Click at this link for more details:

International Professional Personality Training IPPT

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